Amazon considers Spanish-language spinoff for The Boys’ latest series Release Date

  • Amazon may be developing a Spanish-language version of The Boys as a spinoff.
  • Hughie Campbell, one of the main characters, could be played by an Argentinean actor in the new show.
  • The potential series is in its early stages and has not been greenlighted yet.

A new spinoff of the popular series “The Boys” may be in the works, this time with a focus on Spanish-speaking audiences. Amazon is reportedly considering the development of a Spanish-language offshoot to expand the franchise.

Though still in its early stages and not officially greenlit, the potential series could feature an Argentinean actor taking on the role of one of the main characters, Hughie Campbell. As the project develops, the casting and storyline may evolve to cater to its target audience while still retaining the essence of the original show.

The idea to create a spinoff in Spanish stems from the growing recognition and appreciation for the Latinx culture in mainstream media. By offering a localized version, Amazon aims to connect with viewers across the globe and engage with a more diverse audience. This would mark another milestone for the streaming platform and bring an exciting new addition to its already impressive lineup of content.

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