Angelica Ross cautions fans against joking about violence toward Emma Roberts amid transphobia allegations. Release Date

  • Angelica Ross discourages fans from making violent jokes about Emma Roberts
  • Emma Roberts was accused of transphobia towards Ross on Instagram
  • Ross reminds fans of the importance of accountability and respect in addressing such situations

Actress Angelica Ross has urged her fans not to joke about violence towards Emma Roberts amid allegations of transphobia. In a recent Instagram post, Roberts was accused of making transphobic comments towards Ross. In response, Ross has encouraged her fans to approach the situation with respect and accountability, rather than promoting harmful attitudes.

Ross shared a tweet emphasizing her stance, saying, “Just a reminder to all the LM stans that respect + change + accountability is the way forward. Not wishing or making jokes about violence of any kind. Towards anyone.” She highlights the importance of holding people accountable for their actions and promoting change, without resorting to violence or harmful jokes.