Chevy Chase criticizes Community experience, stating the show didn’t meet his humor expectations Release Date

  • Chevy Chase expressed dissatisfaction with his experience on the show ‘Community’
  • Chase felt that the show may have focused too much on ensemble humor rather than individual comedic moments
  • He believes the quality of the show’s humor could have been improved

In a recent interview, actor Chevy Chase spoke candidly about his experience working on the television show ‘Community’, revealing that he found the show to be “not funny enough” for his taste. Chase’s dissatisfaction with the humor of the show suggests that the comedic quality could have been improved.

Chase explained that during his time on ‘Community’, he felt the series focused more on ensemble humor, rather than highlighting individual comedic moments for each character. As a result, Chase believes that some actors on the show, including himself, may not have been given the opportunity to showcase their comedic abilities to the fullest extent.

While Chase did not provide any specific examples of how the humor of ‘Community’ could have been improved during his interview, his comments shed light on some of the potential issues behind the scenes of the show. Despite this, ‘Community’ enjoyed a six-season run and continues to maintain a devoted fan base.

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