Colman Domingo addresses Euphoria toxic workplace allegations, suggests young actors might struggle to adapt to TV work environment Release Date

  • Colman Domingo addresses Euphoria’s toxic workplace allegations
  • The actor believes young actors may struggle with the demands of television work
  • He praises Euphoria’s creative environment

Actor Colman Domingo has spoken up against claims of a toxic work environment on the set of the popular TV show, Euphoria. Domingo suggests that the young actors on the show might not be fully equipped to handle the challenges of working in television, which could lead to unfounded allegations.

Domingo stated, “Young actors may not be up for the task of working in television. It’s a tough business…It’s a lot of hours, it’s a lot of work, it’s very demanding… sometimes it’s too much for some people.” He also shared that the dynamic nature of television work requires flexibility and adaptability, which some young actors might find difficult.

Despite the rumors, the star praised the work environment of Euphoria as creative and innovative, giving credit to creator Sam Levinson. Domingo explained, “You have to know that the creative process is also going to shift and change, and you have to be malleable… That’s what I’ve discovered in working with Sam Levinson. He’s just a wildly creative person who’s always thinking on his toes and wanting to explore.”

In conclusion, Colman Domingo defended Euphoria against toxic workplace accusations by suggesting that young actors may struggle with the demands and unpredictability of television work. He emphasized the importance of resilience and adaptability in this industry, while acknowledging the creative atmosphere fostered on the Euphoria set.

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