Congressmen Question Pricing of Disney, Fox, WB Joint Sports Streaming Service Release Date

Disney, Fox, and WB are shaking things up. They’ve got this joint sports streaming service in the works. Pricing? Well, that’s still TBA.

And guess what? It’s caught the eye of Congress. Yeah, you heard that right. Some congressmen are getting all curious, poking around with inquiries.

What’s the deal with the cost, they wonder. It’s not every day you see these big names teaming up, after all. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Oh, and about that service – details are still kinda hush-hush. But it’s sports, so expect some excitement, some cheers, and maybe a few groans depending on the game.

In the meantime, we’re all here, just waiting. Waiting and watching for what’s next. Because when Disney, Fox, and WB get together? You know it’s gonna be something big.

Congress is on it, though. They want answers. And honestly, so do we. What’s the pricing gonna be? Affordable? Sky-high?

Only time will tell, my friends. Only time will tell.

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