Continental EP discusses casting Mel Gibson despite controversy: ‘He was right for the part’ Release Date

– Upcoming series “The Continental” casts Mel Gibson in a central role
– Executive producer Chad Stahelski acknowledges and addresses the controversy surrounding Gibson’s off-screen behavior
– Stahelski contends that Gibson’s acting abilities make him the perfect fit for the role

The upcoming Starz series, “The Continental,” has caused quite a stir with the casting of the controversial Mel Gibson in a pivotal role. Executive producer Chad Stahelski has spoken out about the decision, confirming that Gibson is the right actor for the part despite his notorious off-screen behavior.

Stahelski acknowledges that Gibson’s past actions have stirred up debates and discussions but stands by the decision to cast him in the upcoming series. The executive producer says, “We did a lot of sensitivity checks, we talked to a lot of people, and for every detractor we found, there’s an equal amount, if not more, of supporters.” He defends the casting choice by highlighting Gibson’s talent as an actor.

The series creator delves further into the significance of the particular role Gibson will be playing, referring to it as a “great role for a talented actor.” Stahelski adds, “Nobody’s perfect. Do I think what happened 10 years ago or 12 years ago is different now? Yeah… I believe people change, I’ve seen people change.”

The executive producer is confident that Gibson’s controversial past will not overshadow the success of “The Continental.” Stahelski explains, “I wanted him for the role because of his talent and the role itself… and that’s it.”