‘Family Feud Killer’ justifies viral divorce comment during jailhouse interview – WATCH Release Date

– Contestant on Family Feud faces backlash for joke
– Christopher Denson, dubbed “Family Feud Killer,” speaks from jail
– Explains the remark was meant as a joke

Christopher Denson, a contestant on the popular game show Family Feud, recently faced backlash for making a controversial comment during an episode. Denson, who has since been dubbed the “Family Feud Killer,” has spoken up about the incident in an interview from jail, insisting that the remark was intended as a joke.

During the show, Denson was asked by host Steve Harvey to “name someone you would never want to call by the wrong name.” His response, which has sparked significant controversy, was “an ex-wife.” He then added, “or an ex-husband, because if you have any of those, you might end up with a divorce, and we don’t want one of those.”

Denson’s comment received immense criticism from viewers, who perceived the remark as potentially threatening or insensitive. However, in a recent jailhouse interview, Denson explained that his response was not meant to be taken seriously. “I meant it as a joke,” he said. “I’m not a violent person. That’s not how I was raised.”

Denson went on to describe his experience on the show, sharing that his family was initially confused and concerned, but ultimately supported his participation. “When we first got there, my mom started yelling and my sister started crying, but then we talked and they were like, ‘Okay, if you want to do this, we’ll support you.'”

In the interview, Denson also expressed regret that his comment had been misinterpreted. “I’m sorry if I offended anybody, but it was never meant to be disrespectful or harmful,” he said. “I just thought it would be funny, and I guess a lot of people didn’t.”

Ultimately, Denson is focused on moving forward from the controversy and hopes others will understand his side of the story. “I want people to know that it was never meant to be malicious or harmful,” he said. “I just hope that people can forgive me and understand that it was done in the spirit of humor.”

Watch the full interview below: