Golden Globes 2024: Evaluating Jo Koy’s Performance as First-Time Host in Opening Monologue Release Date

Well, the Golden Globes 2024 have come and gone. And the big question on everyone’s lips? Did Jo Koy, the first-time host, absolutely kill it? Or did he, uh, die on stage?

Let’s talk about his opening monologue. How’d he do? What’s your grade for him?

I mean, hosting for the first time, that’s a big deal. No joke. And Jo Koy, he’s not exactly a veteran in this field. So, was he a hit or a miss?

We’re not just talking about a simple stand-up gig here. This is the Golden Globes. It’s a whole different ball game.

So, did Jo Koy nail it? Or did he stumble and fall?

And let’s not forget about his opening monologue. It’s the first impression, right? It sets the tone. So, how did he fare? What grade would you give him?

There’s a lot to consider here. But hey, that’s showbiz for ya.

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