Jamie Foxx apologizes for perceived antisemitic Instagram post, insisting he has love for everyone in his heart Release Date

– Jamie Foxx apologized for a perceived antisemitic Instagram post
– Foxx claims he didn’t know the quote was offensive
– The actor emphasized that he only has love for everyone

Jamie Foxx recently apologized for an Instagram post that was deemed antisemitic, stating that he only has love in his heart for everyone. He claimed that he was unaware that the quote he shared was offensive.

In his original post, the actor shared a quote that said, “The moment you realize the rothschilds own your news, your politicians and your enemy.” This quote was perceived by many as an offensive and antisemitic conspiracy theory, which prompted Foxx to take down his post and issue a public apology.

“I had no idea what the quote meant and assumed it was innocuous,” Foxx said in his apology. “Now that I understand its true implications, I am truly sorry and apologize to anyone who was hurt by it.” He went on to emphasize that he meant no harm and that he only has love in his heart for everyone.

By offering his sincerest apologies, Foxx took responsibility for his actions and demonstrated a commitment to learning from his mistakes.

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