Leah Remini sues Church of Scientology over alleged harassment, stalking, and defamation claims Release Date

– Leah Remini files a lawsuit against the Church of Scientology
– She alleges harassment, stalking, and defamation
– Claims the church attempted to intimidate her and damage her career

Actress Leah Remini has taken legal action against the Church of Scientology, claiming harassment, stalking, and defamation. The former “King of Queens” star has been an outspoken critic of the organization since her departure in 2013.

In her lawsuit, Remini alleges that the church has subjected her to “a malicious campaign of persistent surveillance, invasion of privacy, defamation, and intimidation” since she left. The actress claims this campaign is part of the church’s efforts to discredit her and diminish her career.

She states in the filing, “I began to speak out about the church’s abuses and dangerous practices, which has resulted in relentless attacks on my reputation, character, and career by the organization and its members.” Remini has been actively involved in exposing the practices of the Church of Scientology, including hosting a documentary series titled “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.”

According to the lawsuit, the church has orchestrated a campaign against her, including sending followers to her mother’s funeral and obtaining her personal information. Moreover, the church allegedly made false reports to the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) about Remini’s parenting, accusing the actress of being a bad mother.

Remini also claims that the church sought to interfere in her work by pressuring various companies with whom she had contracts, threatening to boycott their products if they continued to support her. She added that the organization even attempted to have her removed from her Emmy-winning TV series.

In response to the lawsuit, the Church of Scientology has released a statement denying all the allegations and accusing Remini of being an opportunist. They stated, “Leah Remini has been trying for years to slander the Church of Scientology for profit and attention, including… falsely accusing the church of criminal activity, and exploiting… her Emmy-winning show as a platform to spread false information about the church.”