Mark Harmon Recalls Meeting NCIS Co-Star David McCallum: Felt Awe-Struck at First Encounter Release Date

– Mark Harmon reflects on his first encounter with David McCallum
– Harmon talks about McCallum’s influence on him and the show
– The pair have been working together on ‘NCIS’ for 18 seasons

Mark Harmon, star of the hit show ‘NCIS’, recently opened up about his admiration for his co-star David McCallum, sharing his thoughts upon their first meeting. Harmon stated, “I was in awe when I first met him”.

The two have been working together for 18 seasons of the popular television series, and Harmon expressed his immense respect for the seasoned actor. “David is one of those special actors who comes along and makes everybody else better”, he said, noting McCallum’s influence on both himself and the show as a whole.

Harmon went on to describe McCallum as a generous and humble professional who is very giving and supportive of his other cast members. Their camaraderie and strong working relationship is certainly evident in the long-running success of ‘NCIS’.