Moonlighting on Hulu: Which songs will stay unchanged? Release Date

  • Moonlighting, a 1980s TV series, is now available for streaming on Hulu
  • The iconic soundtrack may have some songs replaced due to licensing issues
  • It’s unclear which songs will remain, as the show’s creator has not given any details

The popular 1980s TV series Moonlighting has made its way to Hulu for online streaming. However, fans of the show might be disappointed or surprised to find that not all of the original songs will remain in the streaming version. This is mainly due to licensing issues that prevent certain songs from being used in the episodes.

Although it is not clear which specific songs will be replaced, one can expect to notice some changes in the iconic soundtrack. The show’s creator, Glenn Gordon Caron, has not provided any further information on the matter. As viewers watch the show on Hulu, they will have to wait and see which tunes made the cut and which ones were replaced. The availability of Moonlighting on Hulu provides an opportunity for older fans to revisit the series, as well as a way for newer viewers to discover the beloved classic show.

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