NBC renews The Irrational and Found for Season 2 Release Date

  • NBC renews The Irrational and Found for a second season
  • Both shows have received positive ratings and reviews
  • Co-president of scripted programming commented on their dedication to innovative storytelling

NBC has decided to renew both The Irrational and Found for a second season, as both shows have been well received and enjoyed high ratings. The television network has announced that the two series will return, with new episodes scheduled for their respective slots.

The Irrational and Found have been applauded for their unique storytelling and engaging narratives, which have led to numerous positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. The decision to bring both shows back for another season is a testament to their popularity and the hard work of the teams behind them.

Lisa Katz, Co-President of Scripted Programming at NBC, shared her thoughts on the renewal of both series, stating that “The stories told in both The Irrational and Found speak to our commitment to producing content of the highest quality that resonates with audiences.” By renewing these series, NBC continues to demonstrate their dedication to fostering innovative and captivating storytelling in television.

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