Scandal cast members reunite during SAG-AFTRA protest, featuring the iconic Olitz duo. Release Date

– ‘Scandal’ stars Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn reunite for a cause
– The duo joined the SAG-AFTRA picket line to show support for the union’s strike
– Washington and Goldwyn stood up for fair pay and better treatment for fellow actors

Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn, the beloved duo from the television series ‘Scandal,’ recently came together for a stronger cause. Both stars joined the SAG-AFTRA picket line to voice their support for the ongoing strike by the acting union. They were seen standing up for better pay and improved treatment for their fellow actors.

In a quote by Washington, which she later shared on social media, the actress said, “I will forever come back if it means standing with my union. We have your back.” Goldwyn also expressed his support, stating, “When I see all of you out here, I’m not just proud to be a union member, but I am so proud to be an actor.” The pair’s reunion and support for the movement demonstrated the strength of the acting community and the importance of standing together in crucial times.