Shannen Doherty Addresses Alyssa Milano, Discusses Charmed Firing Trauma Release Date

Shannen Doherty just clapped back. And oh, did she have something to say to Alyssa Milano. It’s about that old “Charmed” drama. Yeah, you know the one.

Turns out, Shannen’s still carrying some heavy stuff. Trauma, to be exact. From way back when she got the boot from “Charmed.”

Now, don’t get it twisted. She’s not just sitting around, stewing. But those memories? They’re like uninvited guests at a party. Just won’t leave her be.

Alyssa Milano had her say, sure. But Shannen? She’s got her own story. And it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, lemme tell ya.

It’s been years, right? Yet, here we are. Still talking about it. Because, well, some things just stick with you. Like gum on a shoe. Annoyingly persistent.

So, what’s Shannen’s take? She’s living with it. Every. Single. Day. Not exactly a walk in the park.

But hey, she’s dealing. In her own way. And making it clear – she’s not looking for sympathy. Just stating her truth.

And that’s the tea, folks. Straight from Shannen herself. Life after “Charmed”? It’s complicated.

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