Stephen Amell retracts “inarticulate” anti-strike position amid growing backlash, read his complete statement Release Date

– Stephen Amell clarifies his anti-strike stance
– Amell acknowledges his earlier comments as ‘inarticulate’
– Backlash intensifies against the Arrow star

Stephen Amell, the star of “Arrow,” recently found himself in a precarious situation after making ‘inarticulate’ comments about being anti-strike. As the backlash against him mounted, he decided to clarify his position and penned a full statement to address the matter.

In his statement, Amell acknowledges that his earlier comments were not well thought-out, and he admits that he should have remained silent or at least been more careful with his words. He goes on to explain that he does not condone the use of strike as a negotiating tactic, but he also doesn’t believe in ignoring the hard work of those in the industry.

Amell also reminds readers of his own experiences as a member of the Screen Actors Guild, stating that he has always appreciated the benefits and security that the union provides. He recognizes the importance of fighting for the rights of workers and the need for fair compensation, but he maintains that there are better ways to achieve that sense of fairness.

He concludes his statement by expressing his hope that both sides can come to a beneficial resolution, understanding that lengthy strikes can have negative effects on both the workers and those who rely on the industry’s products for their livelihood. Ultimately, Amell wants to see everyone in the entertainment business treated fairly and with respect, regardless of the eventual outcome of the strike situation.