The Office’s Leslie David Baker returns fan donations for Stanley spinoff production due to years of delays Release Date

– Leslie David Baker returned fan donations for his spinoff project
– The actor faced numerous delays in producing the spinoff
– Baker expressed gratitude for the support and promised to continue the project

In a recent turn of events, actor Leslie David Baker, best known for his role on The Office, has refunded donations from fans meant to fund the production of a spinoff TV series featuring his character, Stanley Hudson. This decision comes after several years of delays in bringing the project to fruition.

Baker had initially launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the spinoff, called “Uncle Stan: Coming Out of Retirement.” In a statement given to Yahoo! Entertainment, the actor expressed his gratitude for the passionate support he received from fans and their overwhelming excitement for the project. However, he also acknowledged the disappointments and delays they’ve faced in production.

Despite refunding the donations, the actor remains optimistic about the future of “Uncle Stan” and intends to continue the project on his own terms. He hopes to regain the trust of his fans and make his supporters proud by eventually sharing the new series with them.

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