The View Hosts Defend Dolly Parton Against ‘Act Your Age’ Critics and Say ‘Bite Me!’ Release Date

– The View hosts defend Dolly Parton against critics
– Hosts criticize those telling Parton to “act her age”
– Parton’s age shouldn’t determine how she presents herself

The hosts of The View came to the defense of iconic singer Dolly Parton after she received criticism for her recent appearance and style. Critics claimed the 75-year-old should “act her age,” but the hosts of The View passionately disagreed.

Upon discussing this topic, Joy Behar exclaimed, “Bite me!” in response to those who judged Parton based on her age and style choices. Behar furthermore questioned the validity of these criticisms, expressing her opinion that people should mind their own business instead of dictating how others should dress.

Similarly, host Sunny Hostin highlighted the double standards people apply to older women in the entertainment industry, suggesting that they receive far more scrutiny for their age and appearance than their male counterparts. The discussion also touched upon the idea that age shouldn’t dictate how one presents themselves, and Parton’s right to express herself however she chooses.

In conclusion, the hosts of The View were unapologetic in their support of Dolly Parton, criticizing those who judged her by her age and asserting her right to dress and act the way she wants.

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