Zachary Levi Claims Joke on ‘Dumb’ Strike Rules Was Misinterpreted – Read Full Statement Release Date

– Zachary Levi comments on a joke he made
– Says joke was taken out of context
– Apologizes to showrunners and fans

Zachary Levi is claiming that his recent joke, in which he referred to the industry’s potential strike as “dumb,” was taken out of context. The actor released a full statement addressing the controversy.

Specifically, Levi’s comment had been about picketing on the picket line with his fellow “Heroes” cast members. Levi has since said that his words were not meant to belittle the strike itself. In his statement, he wrote, “At a recent fan convention, I made a comment — while in character and attempting humor — about the potential industry strike being ‘dumb.’ That comment and my intentions with it, were grossly misinterpreted.”

Levi apologized to his colleagues and fans, recognizing that such a strike would be for crucial reasons. “In no way was I diminishing the seriousness of the issues that my fellow writers, actors, and crewmembers are currently fighting for,” he stated.

He then addressed the showrunners and fans of his popular TV series, “Chuck,” saying, “I want to offer my sincerest apologies to those who may have been offended by my words, as well as my colleagues whose fight extends far beyond a ‘dumb’ joke I made.”

Levi had received backlash for his joke, with some people believing that he was making light of the legitimate struggles of his fellow artists. With this apology, the actor hopes to redirect the conversation back to the importance of supporting one another in the industry.

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