Oscars 2025: ABC Maintains Earlier Telecast Start Time Release Date

So, the Oscars in 2025, right? Looks like ABC’s decided to keep the ball rolling early.

They’re not messing around, sticking to that earlier start time for the show.

I mean, it kinda makes sense. You know, trying to keep things fresh and all.

But hey, remember that one time when… oh, never mind. That’s a story for another day.

Anyway, back to the Oscars. It’s kinda a big deal, this decision.

Changes the whole vibe, doesn’t it?

Makes you wonder what else they’ve got up their sleeves.

Oh, and before I forget – this isn’t just some random rumor.

It’s legit.

So, yeah. Early start time it is.

Kinda curious to see how it all turns out, aren’t you?

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